The company exports almost throughout the EU. as well as in third countries, it has a specialized and modern department for designing and cutting the garment.
Part of the production activity mainly related to stitching (through the passive processing system) is done in Balkan countries in order to reduce production costs and remain competitive.
However, the important part of the production that concerns the design, the creation of the samples and some specialized orders is done entirely in the company because it concerns drivers with complexity in the design whose production requires stitching by modern equipment that the company has and specialized production personnel.


With reference to the quality policy of the products produced by the company, all of them are certified in terms of their raw materials for carcinogenic-allergenic substances either by certificates of our suppliers or by certificates of tests carried out in specialized laboratories at our request.


In summary the company is constantly investing in design and production equipment, and generally in improving its infrastructure and human resources in order to remain viable, competitive and growing. Within the framework of this policy, the proposed business plan is also submitted, the implementation of which will supplement and strengthen the production capacity of the company by improving its operation and size.